Here Are A Few Tips And Hidden Features About Tipperoni
If you know about this tip from reading the Data Entry page, then skip down to the next tip. However, if you are not aware of this then read on.

If the user forgets to enter data before tapping the Save button, she will receive a visual and acoustical alert for this oversight.

Dismiss the alert by tapping the "Got it. Thanks!" text.
The alert will slip away.

The cursor will reappear back in the textfield ready to continue the data entry.
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If Data Is Dollars Only …
For example, lets say that your Food & Drink value is $47 even. No cents.

Just enter 47 and Tipperoni will take care of the rest.
See the Data Entry view at right.

Here you see that the user has entered 47 and can now tap the Save button.

See the next view.
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Decimal And Zeros Added Automatically
In this view you see that after tapping the Save button, the app has added the decimal and the zeros to 47.

The result is now 47.00.

Tipperoni saved the user three (3) keyboard button taps.
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Best View to Edit Data
While data entry begins in the Data View, it is not the best place to edit your data.
It is much better to edit your data in the Detail View.
Why is this you ask?
Because when you edit your data in the Detail view you will see your data updated instantly.
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