How To Enter Data In Tipperoni
Data Requirements
Tipperoni requires the following data:
  • Food & Drink
  • Tax
  • Tip
  • Split
Food & Drink and Tax come from your check.
Tip and Split are your personal preferences.
Data is entered in the Data view shown at right.
Data Ranges
  • Food & Drink: 7-digits (1234567.89)
  • Tax: Any percentage of Food & Drink
  • Tip: 0-99 %
  • Split: 1-99
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Data Entry
  1. Tap any orange textfield and the keypad will slide up
  2. Enter your value
  3. Tap the Save button
Data Entry Order
Enter data in any way that you wish. Order makes no difference.
When you tap the Save button for your last data entry, the view will flip to the Detail view.
Split Default
I set the Split preference to a default value of one as a convenience to the user. If you are dining alone, you will not have to enter this value. This default value can be edited at any time.
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Detail View
The Detail view reveals all of the calculated data based on your entered data.
The Detail view is shown at right.
Tip % Note
The tip is based on the Food & Drink data entry only. It is customary not to include tax in your tip calculation.
Editing Data
You edit your data in the Detail view in the same manner that you entered data in the Data view - just tap on any orange textfield. The textfield will clear and the number pad will slide into view. Type in your updated data and tap the Save button. Your results will be computed instantly.
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If you tap the Save button before entering data, you will be alerted to this oversight both visually and acoustically.

Looking at the image to the right you will see that the view has dimmed and the Alert is requiring your attention.

Simply tap the "Got it. Thanks!" text and the Alert will slip away. Your cursor will reappear in the textfield and you can resume entering or editing your data.
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